"When you are a woman dealing with advanced hair loss it can be very upsetting."

For women, thinning hair can feel like they are losing part of their identity and even their sexuality. Full, thick hair is synonymous with beauty and youth. When your hair loss has advanced to the point where your scalp is showing, or your hairline has receded and it is difficult to achieve any length there are solutions available for you to have the thick beautiful hair.

Many people immediately think of a wig but there are many more options. Wigs have their place as a solution, they are wonderful for providing full coverage for complete hair loss. Wigs can also be a way to consistently change your hairstyle and have fun with colors and lengths. A wig is the go-to solution for medical hair loss, like from chemotherapy and radiation, because they do not require an adhesive and they can be relatively low maintenance for patients undergoing treatment.


Blog Reference https://struthairsolutions.com/wigs/recover-with-confidence/

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